Rulo People (New!)

The more the merrier !

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Traveling in a foreign country, and hitting the language barrier? Taxicardz provides large easy-to-read address 'flashcards' in local languages to get you where you want to go.

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Rulo Squares

A puzzle game that is simple in concept, but insanely difficult in practice.

Are you smart enough to solve it?

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Rulo Balls

Roll the ball and smoosh ants, cars and other targets. Control the ball's movements by simply tilting your phone. Highly realistic simulation based on real world physics. Gravity is your friend and your enemy.

Simple, fun, and highly addictive.

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Frog on a Log in a Bog

Big frogs, little frogs, big logs, little logs, big bog, bigger bogs, sinking logs, flying logs. Can your frogs cross the bog on the logs?

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Poster Toaster

Post powerful messages to facebook and other social media

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