TOKYO - DECEMBER 29: Billboards in Shinjuku's Kabuki-cho district December 29, 2012 in Tokyo, JP. The area is a nightlife district known as Sleepless Town.

Travel made easier

Ever find yourself in a taxi in a foreign city and you don’t speak the language?

Taxicardz provides large easy-to-read, foreign address flashcards to help you travel more easily.

Whether you are in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow or Rio; travelling for business or pleasure; Taxicardz helps you find restaurants, hotels, offices, street names and more.


Simple point and touch search interface, with autosearch for easy use on mobile.


See reviews and rating information of your destination , with direct links to relevant websites.


Integrated with google maps. Pinpoint your destination, see similar locations, and track your own position when on the move.

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